Immigration Can Help Create More Jobs

It turns out that immigrants who are seeking work here in the United States are more likely to compete with businesses who are trying to ship jobs overseas than citizens here at home according to this New York Times review.

The article goes on to further explain that immigrants, most of the time are only adding to our economic growth rather than taking jobs from American citizens.

Immigration Dream Act

As for most who follow the immigration front closely, you’ll see that there is a piece of legislation that has already been passed in California and is trying to be passed at the federal level called the dream act. The dream act mainly pertains to illegal immigrants who were brought here under the age of 16 and want a chance at achieving citizenship through higher education. In state tuition is offered to them to make this possible.

There are some specific requirements that must be met however, such as having attended public school on a regular basis and meeting GPA requirements. With California passing this legislation, other state legislatures as well as federal legislation has been introduced to make this a reality nationwide.

Will this Georgia ever join this movement and introduce it’s own dream act legislation? Only time will tell.