Asylum in Atlanta, GA

Granting asylum is the process in which protection is given to an individual from on country to another. There can be a number of reasons why Asylum might be given, but United States law defines as a country persecuting it’s owns citizens for ethnicity, political or religious beliefs to name a few. An individual can apply for asylum in the United States and if asylum is granted, that individual will be known as a refugee. Any person, regardless of origin can apply for asylum in the United States, but the application process to do so is not easy. The best choice you can make would be to contact us* if you live in the Atlanta, GA surroundings.

Asylum Requirements

When refugee status is officially granted to you, you will be allowed to stay permanently. You will however need:

  • A birth certificate
  • Passport style photos of you
  • Your passport
  • An affidavit from you

Once all is settled, you will need to to maintain refugee authorization once every year. If you a Atlanta, GA resident with refugee status and need help or more information, then you’ve come to the right place.

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